New! Webinars On Demand

Did you miss a great Education Class?? Wait no more ASEA Education Sessions are now ON DEMAND.

Steps to access an OnDemand Webinar:

Step 1 – Register for your class of choice via Humanitix (click Registration Button above)
Step 2 – Click Zoom registration link within your Registration confirmation email
Step 3 – Register for access to the Webinar On Demand via Zoom
Step 4 – Obtain the second link to access the Zoom On Demand Recording (this is send immediately after your registration on zoom)
Step 5 – Click second link and utilize the passcode provided within your registration confirmation email
Step 6 – Enjoy the great education session
Step 7 – Within 45 days, after you view the webinar, you will receive your Education Credit Certificate from the Education Committee

Choose from the following available sessions:

Escrow Basics Series:

  • Session 1: Escrow Overview
  • Session 2: Parties, Principals, and Escrow Holders
  • Session 3: The Regulators
  • Session 4: Terms to Know, Life of an Escrow, Key Professionals
  • Session 5: Escrow Math and All it Implies
  • Session 6: Working with Lenders

Additional Education Sessions:

  • Avoiding Contract Cancellation Chaos
  • Seller Carryback
  • Let’s Get Acquainted with Title Commitments and Endorsements
  • Contract Basics
  • Assignments of Contract and Double Escrows
  • Mobile Home Transactions
  • Death and Taxes: Things to consider when closing transactions with deceased parties
  • Holdbacks: Navigating the Danger Zone
  • Lost In Translation
  • How to Implement RON at the Desk
  • Show Me The Money – Non Standard Proceed Requests and Are They Acceptable?
  • All Things Foreign; An overview of factors to consider when closing transactions with foreign principals.
  • Contract Confusion: We have the Cure
  • I Rest My Case: Arizona Case Law Affecting Escrow Duties

NOTE: Education material for your chosen class are also linked within your Eventbrite registration confirmation email